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FAQ (Mudwars Frequently Asked Questions)

We love hearing from you, but if you have a question it might be answered here!


What is Mud Wars and who does it benefit? Mud Wars has been a long-standing event put on every summer for the teens in the city's rec center. It involves a team competition in 8 muddy & wet events. Now it's open to adults! Portions of the proceeds benefit TASCO, St. Pete's teen arts, sports, and technology program.


Is Mud Wars just for fun or a competition? Both. Teams do rack up points at each event and we'll have awards for the top (and bottom) teams at the end of the day. But most teams participate just to have fun with friends in these great events, regardless of how they perform. For most, how teams do is secondary to the experience they have.


How many players does my team need? We recommend that you have at least 6 players (18 and up) with at least 2 being women. Each team can have a suggested max of 10 players. Each player over 10 on your team is $10 each, but the bigger the team the less each person has a chance to compete. Anyone who competes for your team needs to have a team wristband, which is given out once your team waiver is signed. 


What if I'm short of the 6 needed? Each event requires 6 players to compete. Some events such as Tug-A-War, Dodgeball, and Football have 6 competing at once, so if you are short, your short for these events. For the rest, the players go one-at-a-time, so if you are short someone can go twice. Events cannot have more than 4 guys compete.


How old do you have to be? Our adult Extreme Mud Wars requires all participants to be 18. The city (TASCO) runs a teen version a few days later. Contact 727-892-5060 for more info on this event.


When does it start? Depending on the number of teams, the event will start as early as 9am and will wrap up by 3-4pm. Team captains will need to be there 1 hour early for a walkthrough of the events and players 30 minutes early (at least) to sign waivers and get wristbands. Captains will get details about time specifics about a week ahead of time.


As a captain do I have to pay the full amount? NO! When you sign up you do need a credit card to secure the spot as well as a $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. Then you send invites to your team with requests to pay their share of the team fee. They then go online to pay their share directly to us. At the payment deadline, any balance left is charged to the captain's card.


Are there waves? What's the format? There are 8 events. Every 20 minutes teams will rotate either to a new event or be on a "BYE" rotation where they would have a chance to get a beer or rest. After everyone completes every event there will be an awards presentation on the stage. The entire event should be over by 4pm or so.


How dirty will we get? Very. You will be crawling, running, or pulling in the mud. One event (Joust) is held over a pool - so if you lose you will get drenched. There will be multiple firehoses to clean anyone off. 


Ick, mud! Is that safe? The mud is freshly made. Tons of tons of new dirt=REAL DIRTY FUN!! Those who are concerned have worn goggles, ear plugs, or nose plugs in the past.


What do I need to bring? Wear clothes that could get ruined, mud sometimes does stain. We recommend not wearing sneakers or shoes. If you do, water shoes (tight fitting) are recommended as the mud "sucks" shoes off your feet. A towel to dry off with. Cash for beer and vendors. And a sense of fun that is hopefully contagious! Leave extremely competitive attitudes and any outside alcohol at home!


What do I NOT need to bring? No outside alcohol is allowed nor is any glass. Also, no personal tents are allowed per city regulations. Only documented service animals on a leash are allowed.


Is beer being sold? Yes - beer will be sold with all proceeds benefitting charity. Bring cash and proper ID. Anyone we deem unable to compete will not!


Where can we set up during the event? A group team tent will be set up with first come/first serve tables and chairs. This gets very crowded but is a ton of fun. Plus for an extra fee you can have your own VIP private tent with table and chairs set up much closer to the action! No personal tents are allowed.


What if weather cancels the event? Entry fees are not refundable if the event is cancelled the day of or is shortened due to weather.


Can people watch? Spectators are free but no unaccompanied minors will be allowed to enter. All minors must be supervised.


Are there "after-event" plans and what if we want to stay overnight? Get a hotel room and check out all the great bars and restaurants in downtown St. Pete. 


I don't have a team, what are my options? We are accepting free agent registrations and can try to get you on a team. Or be a part of it anyway and volunteer to help out - you can do this by clicking on the VOLUNTEER button.


My question was not asked here? Email it to us here.



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